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Sacred Soul Sisters

Sacred Womban Tea

Sacred Womban Tea

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This medicinal blend of herbs was created specifically for the womb, to aid in supporting a healthy menstrual cycle, uterus & body.


Motherwart ~ Regulates menstruation, relieves cramps & strengthens the heart.


Red Raspberry Leaf ~ Deeply supports female reproductive health & fertility. Helps with heavy flow & irregular periods.


Nettle ~Full of nutrients, vitamins & minerals. Reduces inflammation. Helps treat UTI’s & enhances immunity. Powerful blood purifier, removes toxins from the body.


Hibiscus ~ Rich in antioxidants, fights inflammation & lowers blood pressure. Can help reduce fibroids.



Lemon Balm ~ Reduces stress & anxiety, improves sleep, supports brain health, alleviates digestive issues, treats infections & prevents heart disease.


Goji Berry ~ Can alleviate pain of menstruation & help with cleansing the uterus of old blood flow. Contains immune-boosting antioxidants that fight free-radicals & inflammation. Keeps skin healthy. Supports eye & digestive health.

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