Sacred Soul Sisters

Healing & Awakening The Divine Feminine

Talofa lava, welcome to Sacred Soul Sisters. I'm Taleta and my work here is about supporting women back into the wisdom of her heart, womb and the Earth.

Sacred Soul Sisters was birthed after following a deep inner soul calling to gather the women. To provide a safe sacred space for wāhine to come together to offer each other support, connection and inspiration. 

We as women are the physical embodiment of the divine feminine. We are leaders creating the New Earth, stepping fully into our sovereignty and power. Anchored in our heart space being guided by Spirit to complete our mission here on Earth.

Being courageous in healing our generational wounds, the cycles stop with us. We are paving a new pathway for humanity and the next generation, our children. We are awakening and remembering our true essence and divinity.

Beautiful sacred women, you are safe to be your true self and shine your light into this world. Sacred Soul Sisters mission is about uniting, inspiring and uplifting all women. 

Welcoming you sister!

Together we rise 


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Creator & Facilitator 

Kia Ora sisters!

I’m Taleta- 26, Mother, Sacred Feminine Way Mentor & a fellow sister. I am a wombyn with a deep passion & purpose to dive into the depths of this human experience, to feel it ALL & extract the light.

I am passionate about natural health, holistic healing, conscious parenting, divine feminine wisdom, psychology, spirituality, music & indigenous culture & ceremony.

I love to read, write, do yoga & spend as much time as I can grounding in nature.

I facilitate women’s circles and workshops for women to gather in ceremony together to dive into their true self, sensuality, spirituality and divine feminine wisdom that is innate within each and every one of us. I also support women in 1:1 sessions and mentorships.

This is calling of mine to work alongside women in the collective rise of the feminine, tapping into the power of our bodies, wombs and feminine energy that creates our reality.

My passion and work is to support women back into the wisdom of her heart, womb & voice. Helping her remember who she truly is and claim her power as a divine Sacred Woman of the Earth.


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