Yoni Steaming

Yoni Steaming


You do what to your yoni?!’ I've heard some sisters whisper in absolute confusion around why the hell you would steam your vagina.


Well, let me introduce you to the most profound holistic healing practice a woman could ever do for her womb & yoni….Vaginal steaming! (which also has a fancy scientific term of Peristeam Hydrotherapy).

This practice involves sitting over a steaming bowl of medicinal herbs and allowing the steam to enter the uterus and womb.

The benefits of steaming include:

~Removes toxins from the body.

~Detoxifies the womb.

~Increases fertility.

~Helps to heal hemorrhoids.

~Cleanses the uterus.

~Significantly assists with vagina dryness.

~Relieves yeast infections & bacteria.

~Reconnects you with your womb helping heal emotional trauma.

~Postpartum recovery by increasing circulation & toning of the womb.

~Decrease fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, chronic infections & pain.

~Regulate an irregular or absent menstrual cycle.

~Maintain healthy odor.

~Reduces pain and bloating associated with menstruation.


Pretty fricken amazing right!

If we think about steam itself, we know that it is used to cleanse, clean & disinfect things. You could think about it like a facial.. but for your vagina.

I was introduced to this practice by my doula after giving birth to my son as a way to heal postpartum.

I became so intrigued with this practice and after doing some research a whole ‘nother world opened up for me.

A deep cellular remembrance activated as I discovered that this practice was, and is being used in a lot of indigenous cultures around the world, like Indonesia, South Korea, Hawaii, Polynesia, Eastern Africa, Carribean, Mexico, Ghana, Haiti, South America, Palau & Europe.

Some cultures incorporate it into ceremony, ritual and rites of passage like Birth and Menarche and in Korea there are vaginal steaming spas that women book in for their weekly steam.

This practice is the OG therapy that we would use as women if we were experiencing any type of imbalance or pain. This practice had been sadly lost for over 200 years due to the uprising of the western medical system and colonial Governments that outlawed traditional practices and knowledge.
With the collective awakening and rise of the divine feminine, this practice is being bought back into the consciousness of woman around the world.

This is our inheritance as Sacred women and womb-holders as we nurture and grow the next generations. This is the wisdom and knowledge to support us in connecting back to our cycles, wombs and ancient practices that keep us healthy and thriving.

Vaginal steaming has helped heal thousands of women who have experienced reproductive issues such as infertility, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, heavy bleeds, missing periods, BV and yeast infections.

Not only does this practice aid in physical healing but it is deeply connected to healing emotional trauma that we have experienced.

Our wombs are receptive in nature meaning we can hold emotional trauma & memory at a cellular level, some of which isn't even ours but comes from our ancestral lineage.


A lot of women that I work with will share about emotions that arise while steaming offering them a beautiful opportunity for release and healing.

That is the magnificent thing about being human- we are wired for healing! So, anything that wants to be healed will always come to the surface to be released.

Vaginal steaming allows you to explore & be intimate with your own divine feminine energy. Gifting yourself the space & time to be with your womb, holding loving space for anything that wants to be cleansed on all levels-mind, body & spirit.


If you have done any of your own research on the internet you may have come across some conflicting information about vaginal steaming. That it may not be safe or can disrupt your PH.

I want to reassure you that steaming is a very safe and effective way to holistically heal and bring you back into balance.

The western medical system is very good at demonizing natural remedies and things they don’t understand.

How would they make money off us if we were completely self-sufficient in our own health and wellbeing?

They wouldn’t you see.


I think it’s important to share here the history of gynecology, so we all have a better understanding of where the current knowledge & narrative around woman’s reproductive health comes from.

Gynecology was a field of medicine developed by a man-named Jerry Marion Sims who was a doctor in the late 1800s from South Carolina.

Beginning in 1844, Sims famously performed his experiments on enslaved black women in Alabama, who he leased for the purpose of gynecological experimentation. Repeatedly performing his crude experiments without any form of anesthesia.

Black women were experimented and operated on because “their masters permitted them to be”. Consent, whether regarding rape or forced medical treatment, simply did not exist for these enslaved women. 


Throughout this time, hundreds of women were inflicted deep trauma, mistreatment and death through this white supremist medical system.

After many years of experimental surgery on black & Irish women, he eventually discovered a way to perform his surgery without killing them.
This medical procedure was then sold to the white woman whilst introducing anesthesia. They were promised and led to believe that complete removal of the Uterus was the answer to the many conditions that women were experiencing at that time. 
To this day, gynecological foundations and beliefs are the same.

This is the history of how the practice of gynecology was discovered and implemented - through the exploitation and objectification of women's bodies. 

All current gynecologists have to study his notes and it was only in the 90s that woman started to enter the field of gynecology!


It’s very typical of the western system to isolate the physical, not understanding that it is intricately intertwined with the spiritual, emotional & mental bodies.

Women’s health & wisdom was traditionally passed on from women to women. Midwives were the natural caretakers and would often introduce this practice of vaginal steaming to new mothers.

A lot of healing modalities and practices of indigenous cultures were also passed on orally through the generations.

Unfortunately, these traditional practices were outlawed and suppressed by colonial Governments. 

Here in Aotearoa, New Zealand, the government implemented the Tohunga Supression Act in 1907- suppressing the wisdom and voices of traditional healers. 

These types of laws happened all over the world to ALL Indigenous cultures. Resulting in traditional healing practices being lost and demonized.


I share the history here with you to uncover the harsh reality of how we have been deeply conditioned to hand over the well-being & authority of our wombs to a racist medical system designed by men. A system that does not interweave the wisdom that mind, body & spirit are all deeply connected.

Although I believe there is still a lot of work to do to dismantle these oppressive systems, we definitely have a powerful opportunity right now as women in this time of human evolution, where we are reclaiming the power to protect, heal and nurture our wombs.

We are remembering how to come back into the natural organic rhythm and wisdom of our bodies.

I am currently studying at The Steamy Chick Institute to become a certified Peristeam Hydrotherapist. The knowledge that I am learning about this simple yet very effective practice of vaginal steaming is absolutely ground breaking.
I have powerful herbal blends suitable for everyone that I have hand crafted for steaming that is available to purchase here on my website.
Thank you for being here and reading my truth. My intention is always to empower and educate women so that they can tap into their own intuition and sovereignty.


Our wombs are a cauldron of power, potential and creativity. Let's honor and nurture her the way our ancestors knew how.


Alofa Atu,



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