Priestess Pleasure

Priestess Pleasure

Have you ever been fucked so good that it awakens the most deepest, powerful grounded wild women within? The power of sweet magical love that activates your entire being & anchors in rays of living light into your womb?

Well sis let me share the magic activation that took place after making sweet love to my man.

First off, this blog post is about much more than a good root aiite!

Its about self realization through divine union, healthy relationships & surrender into deep pleasure & healing as a woman.

So my day starts like this..

I'm in my inner Autumn phase, the depths of my tenderness & rawness. It’s been a busy day carting the kids around everywhere, constant nagging & wiping bums all day long. #MamaLife 🤣

Finally, we get home for the evening and all I want to do is shut myself in my room.

I can feel the anxiety and restlessness building within.

It’s Saturday night and I feel the urge to run away to whatever the night life in Christchurch has to offer me (fuck all), just another coping mechanism that my mind tries to distract me with.

I take a breath…. I sit with myself, my body, my emotions.

How the fuck do I feel?

A constant question that I have been asking myself lately. Tuning into my Wairua and taking note on what my well-being needs right now?

I let go & surrender - instantly a new energy is invited into my consciousness. I am guided. My wild woman is calling me..

I get up off my bed, out of my slump. I put on a playlist of slow-jam hip-hop instrumentals that I find on YouTube #Viiiibesss 🙌🏾🙌🏾

I light some incense & candles that activate my senses. I put on my sexy lingerie that’s been sitting in my draws untouched for like a year.

I dance around in my room admiring myself as I float past the mirror.

I lie down on my bed taking deep breaths into my womb~ setting my Intention to open to deep healing.

I notice my man jumping fresh out the shower as he walks past my room.

He senses my subtle invitation & joins me.

Like a sigh of relief, we both hold each other close and align with the calming tranquility of the room.

This peaceful environment feels rare considering we usually have a household of wild homeschooled children running amuck.

Being parents, maintaining a home & having a family can put a lot of stress & strain on our relationship. It’s easy to forget the light that we offer each other.

Grateful for this moment in time, I set my intention to deeply connect with my soul mate.

It’s so fucking beautiful being in a divine union with someone that you love & trust so deeply.

Building deeper intimacy after 16 years of relationship together. The divine masculine that is able to hold me as I surrender to the deep pleasure that has me in full body orgasm.

The deeper the trust, safety & connection in the relationship- the deeper the pleasure & orgasm.

And with the deep pleasure & orgasm comes deep fucking heart & womb healing.

After making sweet mind blowing love, I suggested we eye gaze - I craved more of him as I floated in deep oxytocin bliss after being loved so good.

We locked eyes and blocked out the world.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT I'm feeling the deepest overwhelming love I’ve ever felt being reflected back to me in his eyes.

I can feel his soul, I understand why our souls chose each other.

To anchor in this deep love within our family unit & heal the fucking world! Hahaha, for real though my heart was so open, I was being SEEN and loved so unconditionally.

I feel overwhelming emotion and start to cry, then I start laughing at myself for being ‘the overly emotional woman’ who cries after sex. I’m lying there a blubbering mess. I take a breather and allow all the emotion to come up.

Deep feelings of sadness being released from my body. I lean deeper into my man and just ask him to hold me. Being a human is hard, being a mama is hard, there’s so many feelings that build up from day to day that I haven’t allowed myself to truly FEEL.

I'm so grateful for his understanding and empathy.

In the past he would feel confused and defensive before he understood why I was crying.

I explained that my tears are healing. That after the deep orgasm he gives me, my body can fully relax and let go of everything it has been holding onto.

Our wombs as women are receptive in nature. We hold energy and emotion in this beautiful sacred organ.

When activated with deep loving intimacy my womb life force starts to flow, all stagnant energy is released and the chance for deep healing is enabled.


I’ve had to trust deeply in my healing journey to re-connect with my emotional body. We have been conditioned since children to shove & suppress our feelings down. They then become stagnant in our bodies which creates all sorts of blocks physically, mentally & spiritually.

Crying and tears is the most powerful way to release and move emotion (energy in motion) Clearing our physical bodies to allow more light, wisdom & clarity to be anchored in- our natural organic state.

In such safety of my man's presence by body can release all the built-up emotion and tension. My walls are down, and my heart is open. He holds such beautiful loving space for me as I cry and let it all out. The true embodiment of the divine masculine.

We drift off to sleep in each other's love and embrace.

The next day is the most magical harmonic day in our home. Our cups so full and our bond tight.

There is so much love, presence and patience that we offer our children, the power that love brings.

The purpose of our divine union, to anchor in harmony for our family and create a loving safe space where our Tamariki can thrive.

I share this story to let others know that true love & pleasure is our divine birthright.

There have been times in my life where I have subjected myself to toxic men and toxic sex. The kind that leaves you feeling shameful, unworthy, unloved, used and taken advantage of. Working through trauma bonds that feel like chords attached that keep you repeating the same cycle over and over.

The deep conditioning that embeds this desire to seek validation from the masculine distorting sex and how truly sacred and meaningful it can be.

These experiences are also a blessing in disguise as it shows us our blind spots and where we need to heal & love on ourselves.

Through embarking on your healing journey, going within and connecting to the radiant divine feminine, sensual part of yourself - You can find your power, your purity, your beauty & your wisdom.

From this place you can discern between healthy relationships and truly CHOOSE a man from a place of worthiness.


And then sisters it’s on!


The light comes flooding in the more we surrender and open our hearts. We allow true heart-centered pleasure to lead us.


Attracting and inviting connection, healing AND….full body orgasms 😉 😘🙏🏾



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