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poems Stammering Soap - (A P P L E A S S ) I am well known for writing about life’s travails in multiplexes, and for not writing at all. But not long ago, I was interviewed by an English TV show called "Food Matters". I gave my opinion about a miracle food. That was the turning point. In that show I found out about Stammering Soap, which I have been using for years. Soap and paper are great for removing germs from your hands. For something so small, the price is amazing. The problem is, the price makes it affordable only for a student like me. So I was looking for an effective way of getting my hands clean. I found the answer right in my kitchen. In the cabinet next to the stove, I found a can of white vinegar. At first I tried to get the number “3” on the top of the can. “Three”, I thought, is the number of ounces in a bottle. Oh, no! I am a writer, not a chemist. Not only was I not making any headway, the can was not even giving a number. It was a mystery. But there was hope. I looked at the label, and I realized that it did contain “five percent acetic acid”. Acetic acid, I knew, was an acid. Acids, I knew, can dissolve wood. So I took a pair of scissors and cut the can open. I poured out the vinegar, and the aroma of the stinking stuff was both strong and alluring. I poured out a generous amount, and put it on a paper towel. I squeezed the paper towel to rid it of vinegar, and squeezed it again. I did the same thing on the other side. The paper towel had lost some of its capacity, but I had enough for one more hand. The vinegar was not too stinky, but it was stinky enough. My hands were now clean, but still moist. I looked for a small container. The right size was too big, but the right size was also too small. It was too small for a kitchen container, but it was also too small for a cabinet. I looked around, and I remembered that there was a plastic bottle in the fridge. The biggest problem was that the bottle was wide. I looked into the fridge and realized that it wasn’t wide



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Shams Al Ma'arif English

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