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The Green Room Collective

The Green Room - A Wahine Empowerment Experience

The Green Room - A Wahine Empowerment Experience

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The Green Room - A Wāhine Empowerment Experience
"A Space, a Culture, a Lifestyle"

Join us for our transformative 6-hour Wāhine Empowerment Workshop, creating a sacred space where women can feel seen, held, and empowered.

The Green Room has a sacred mission: to empower wāhine to transmute their pain into purpose, shift from survival to thriving, and move from chaos to clarity. By holding space for healing and transformation, The Green Room incorporates holistic and indigenous wisdom. It invites wāhine to shift from negative belief systems and live a life of power through alignment and authenticity.

Event Highlights:

Mindfulness Workshops: Dynamic and insightful sessions.
Breathwork Session: Harness the healing power of breath.
Guided Meditation: Discover peace and renewal through meditation.
Holistic Framework: Embrace a comprehensive approach to well-being.
Safe Environment: Feel supported and secure in our nurturing space.
Raranga Session: Connect with tradition through weaving.
Nourishing Refreshments: Enjoy delicious, revitalizing food.
Complimentary Goodie Bag: Take home a special memento of this experience.

Founded by Chelsea Cuthers-Munro, The Green Room serves as a sanctuary for wāhine to rediscover their power and live authentically.

"In 2023, as a single mom, Chelsea hit rock bottom, feeling emotionally, spiritually, and mentally exhausted. This painful period became her Sacred Pivot, pushing her to confront her shadows and limiting beliefs. Her faith led her to a holistic and indigenous approach to healing, honouring the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. Through this transformative journey, she unearthed the profound power of living authentically in alignment, inspiring her to create this sacred space for others.

Key Contributors:

Founder: Chelsea Cuthers-Munro
Event Coordinator: Cosmiana Brown
Guest Facilitators: Rāwinia Judson and Taleta Maree

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