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Yoni Steaming

’You do what to your yoni?!’ I've heard some sisters whisper in absolute confusion around why the hell you would steam your vagina.

Well let me introduce you to the most profound holistic healing practice a woman could ever do for her womb & yoni….Vaginal steaming! which also has a fancy scientific term of peristeam hydroperathy.

This practice involves sitting over a steaming bowl of medicinal herbs and allowing the steam to enter the uterus and womb.

The benefits of steaming include:

~Removes toxins from the body.

~Detoxifies the womb.

~Increases fertility.

~Helps to heal haemorrhoids.

~Cleanses the uterus.

~Significantly assists with vagina dryness.

~Relieves yeast infections & bacteria.

~Reconnects you with your womb helping heal emotional trauma.

~Postpartum recovery by increasing circulation & toning of the womb.

~Decrease fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, chronic infections & pain.

~Regulate an irregular or absent menstrual cycle.

~Maintain healthy odor.

~Reduces pain, bloating associated with menstruation.

Pretty fricken amazing right!

If we think about steam itself, we know that it is used to cleanse, clean & disinfect things. You could think about it like a facial.. for your yoni.

I was introduced to this practice by my doula/midwife after giving birth to my son as a way to heal postpartum.

I became so intrigued with this practice and after doing some research a whole ‘nother world opened up for me.

A deep cellular remembrance activated as I discovered that this practice was, and is being used in a lot of indigenous cultures around the world like Indonesia, South Korea, Hawaii, Polynesia, Eastern Africa, Carribean, Mexico, Ghana, Haiti, South America, Palau & Europe.

In some of these countries it’s just the absolute normal thing to do. They i