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My Free Birth Story

Talofa lava beautiful peeps! Thankyou for being here.

I am feeling deeply ready and excited to share my free birth story here in this space. My son is now 3 years old so I have been holding this story close to me for awhile now and I’m truly feeling like it’s time to share

I see so many women rising up in empowerment and collective awakening.

A massive part of regaining our sovereignty as women starts with birth and how we are bringing our children into this world.

I hope that by sharing this story it gives a sense of empowerment, faith and inspiration for women transitioning into this beautiful rite of passage, motherhood.

I had given birth to my daughter when I was 21, Almost 2 years previous to my free birth with my son. I had a beautiful natural water birth with her at the public hospital in Christchurch NZ. Although I was happy with how my first birth went, there were still factors of control in which I didn’t align with fully.

When my daughter was about 10 months old we moved to Australia from New Zealand. This was such a beautiful expanding experience for me, I’d say a spiritual awakening-or a chance to really dive deep & connect with my own innate wisdom.

It was only about 4 months into our journey of living in Australia that I found out that I was pregnant with our second child. So many mixed feelings and emotions as it wasn’t planned.

Naturally I started to look for midwives and birth support. I made a few phone calls and did some research. I was quite shocked at how different the birth and health care systems were set up in Australia compared to New Zealand.

Let’s just say we are VERY lucky in New Zealand where we are able to have consistent care from one midwife that is fully funded.

In Australia it would have cost me around $5000 for a midwife service like in NZ. At the time it wasn't a financial option for me.

The other option was to go through the public health care system which wasn’t aligned with a lot of my beliefs either.

Although I had a moment of WTF am I going to do, I was also excited about the expansive possibilities that were opening up.

I started to research home birth & free birth.

It was then that I had discovered doula services. A doula is a women that supports you emotionally, mentally & physically throughout pregnancy and post natal, who usually isn’t medically trained.

It felt deeply aligned with my heart. I felt so empowered and passionate about birthing my baby naturally and freely on my own terms. I felt grateful that I was able to have support from a doula.

I knew deep down that I was being guided on this path and I had surrendered in complete trust.

After reaching out to a couple of people I connnected with a doula who lived close by. She was amazing! We had such a beautiful connection and had alot of the same beliefs when it came to birth and pregnancy support.

It was so magical to have that support whilst pregnant. She would make me food, give me massages, guide me through meditations and healings & take me on nature hikes. She also took me to some sacred birthing sites in our area of Australia that we lived by. She taught me about natural herbs, how to nourish myself and things I should know about my baby and natural birthing.